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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

Good quality Environmental Test Chamber for sales
Good quality Environmental Test Chamber for sales
A smart testing machine, easy for our funiture quality testing.


We are well satisfied for these Climatic chambers, a nice testing solution for our lab.

—— Garza·QC Manager

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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

China Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size supplier
Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size supplier Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size supplier

Large Image :  Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GAG
Certification: CE/ISO 9001
Model Number: GAG-F317

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotation
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wooden Case (Plywood)
Delivery Time: 15 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 15 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Speed Control Display: Sinusoidal Graphic Load Sensor Test Range: 0 - 2 Kn
Rolling Speed: 0. 5-20000 Mm/Min Size Of The Mattress: 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m
System Force Accuracy: ±1% (static) 0-5% (dynamic) Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ
Dimensions: 3.5m X 2.4mx2.4m

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size




1.Standard basis:QB/T 1952.2-2011,BS EN 1957-2012,ASTM 1566-014
(Remarks: BS EN 1957-2012 and QB/T 1952.2-2011 test methods are basically the same)

The computer display program can select automatic or manual mode, then enter the relevant parameters, etc., the device automatically runs according to the program setting or the experimenter sets the experiment, and the running result prints the relevant data through the laser printer.

2.Structural features:

A.Test mode convenience:
Users can choose automatic (one-button control fully automatic program operation) and manual arbitrary segmentation control two test modes; make test data more accurate, reduce the workload of the test, improve the accuracy of the test;

B.High hardware capacity, advanced program, and arbitrarily variable parameter input:
The instrument can be input and operated according to the data parameters required by the user (the software reserves the write port, which can be upgraded conveniently with the user's needs). Such as: the number of times the roller rolls per minute, the total number of rollings, the program input roller front and rear rolling speed mm/min, etc.);

C.Instrument safety and reliability:
(1)Professional towline: special towline cable with high strength, high flexibility, low wear, long life, chemical resistance and bending service life of more than 20 million times. It runs at a high speed in long distance and can accelerate. And an emergency stop.
(2)Wire + aviation connector: Use brand-name wire and cable to avoid external interference and poor contact.

D.High-strength structure, high precision, high life and beautiful appearance: (the whole structure is detachable structure)
(1)Material: European standard thick aluminum alloy material + high steel strength steel plate material combination, using independent four-column double gantry mechanical structure. --- Guaranteed high strength and beautiful appearance, 2 sets (4 pieces) precision heavy-duty linear guides span the entire fixed frame, enhance the frame frame steel, while ensuring the accuracy of rolling movement, durable;
(2)Drive motor: Delta servo + planetary deceleration head.
(3)Cylinders: 2 groups - guaranteed durability and safety. For the replacement of test pieces or adjustments, automatic or manual jacking (1400 ± 7N) weight roller or ASTM requirements hexagonal roller, with mechanical safety system. Unplug the safety system, control the cylinder retraction and lose the force, the roller will be freely loaded, and the linear sliding bearing guide, pre-test and other convenient and safe.
(4)Roller (easy interchangeable):
GB/EN standard adopts imported plastic steel (a plastic, good fatigue resistance) to avoid wood fluffing and cracking, and has a long service life (pictured);

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size


Total mass:1400 ± 7 N
ASTM 1566-09(Solid wood)

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size


The roller body is integrated, and the spindle material is tempered and hardened, and then ground and matched with the Japanese imported bearing NSK. Avoid noise and drift to ensure durability.
(5)Height/soft hardness transmission structure: high precision ball screw + high precision heavy duty linear guide. --- Guaranteed the precision, strength and rigidity of the mechanical transmission of the machine, low noise and durability during operation.
(6)Side pressure durability test structure:
Plastic steel material, light weight control and high strength


Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

(7)Soft hardness loading pad (plastic steel):


Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size


(8)Block structure:

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

(9)Appearance + Safety: Fully concealed wiring (wire and cable hidden in streamers, trunking and aluminum profiles). Aluminum alloy silver anodized to increase surface wear resistance.

E.Scientific and humanized software programs:
(1)Using a computer mouse and a 21-inch well-known brand display as input control, the operation control is more user-friendly and concise;
(2)Set I/O (input and output) intelligent monitoring function: It can monitor any problems in the running part of the equipment during the operation of the whole equipment at any time, buzzer alarm prompts and follow the text to explain the cause of the problem, while avoiding misoperation warnings and making the instrument maintenance more Convenience.
(3)It also has a power-off memory function, and automatically resumes the test after power is restored. The test data before the power failure is not lost.

F.Edit report is highly arbitrary:
According to the file format requested by the customer, the printer printout test results, increase the credibility of the test results and the persuasiveness of the test data, historical curve data storage, query;

G:Machine parameter:

Suitable for the largest size of the mattress 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m
(QB/T 1952.2-2011)One roller is required diameter 300mm × 1000, payload: 1400 ± 7 N
(ASTM 1566-09)Requires a hexagonal roller (Side length 250mm×6),Payload: 109± 4KG Freely interchangeable
(QB/T 1952.2-2011)Rolling distance ± 250 mm(total 500mm)
(ASTM 1566-09) Rolling maximum distance setting 500~1700mm
Speed control display sinusoidal graphic
Cycles 5~16 ± 2 /min can be set
Load sensor test range 0 - 2 kN
Displacement sensor test accuracy < 1 µm
Rolling speed 0. 5 - 20000 mm/min
System force accuracy ±1% (static) 0-5% (dynamic)
Automatic test softness calculation (GB, EN and ASTM calculations are different)
Compressed air requirements 6 kg/cm2 or more (2KW or more is recommended for self-contained independent air pump)
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Overall dimensions 3.5m x 2.4mx2.4m High + independent computer control cabinet

One host
A Delta servo motor 1.5KW
A Delta servo motor 0.4KW
1 high precision planetary deceleration head
2 brand stepper motors
4 high precision sensors
Taiwan Yadeke Cylinder 4 Group (both diameter 100×1000 two groups, cylinder diameter 50 double head group, cylinder diameter 50 single head group)
Two sets of telescopic dust curtains (dustproof for the track, safety protection)
Docking type imported steel wire type synchronous tooth belt (lower noise) - strip (docked type for easy replacement of synchronous tooth belt, no need to disassemble other)
Independent control cabinet + Lenovo 19-inch computer

4.Structural features:
(1)The whole machine structure: bottom aluminum profile 80mm tiled ground (excellent to Fangtong welded box structure: 1 is easy to produce noise; 2 structure is not compact, the center of gravity is high, resulting in poor stability of the upper part)
(2)European standard 160×80 thick aluminum profile main frame (the thinnest part is 6mm thick rib, which is different from the national standard aluminum profile, only 3mm at the end, the stability is not good)
(3)Reinforced rolling lead structure is reinforced by two heavy-duty linear guides + two sets of suspended bearing guides

5.Special software features:
Computer interface:


Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size



(1)The program screen can be selected from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and can be replaced at any time in the program settings page.
(2)The computer + force sensor + encoder forms force and displacement closed loop control. Computer integrated control system, multi-channel data acquisition, control multiple channels, can control multiple test axes at the same time, can set the action of a certain cylinder or motor separately, including single or multiple reciprocating tests, can be set two or two The group's coordinated action, the same direction and opposite direction test. Each channel is operated by the reference synchronization time, which ensures the synchronization of the action and data processing. Different channels are grouped to control. If one channel of the sample is destroyed, the associated channels in the same group will stop at the same time. You can continue working. The interface is simple, full-featured, high-speed response, and easy to operate. Accurate action and low failure rate.
(3)Control of force and displacement speed can be achieved, showing displacement-time, force-time, force-displacement, force-displacement maximum and minimum life curve (variation curve of maximum force value and maximum displacement value of each channel in each cycle). There is no need to manually adjust the force value and displacement, and the displacement offset is displayed every time to realize intelligent integrated control.
(4)The unit of force value can be selected as kgf, tf, lbf, kN, N.
(5)The unit of displacement value can be selected as mm, in, etc.
(6)Each force and displacement sensor can be divided into 10 segments or a single segment can be used to ensure good linearity.
(7)Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF files, saved and exported, and printed with the printer.
(8)The instrument adopts an automatic ascending and descending device, which moves left and right and moves back and forth for convenient sample introduction.
(9)Each cylinder can be set to any operation step, and the step function includes selection of open loop and closed loop. Up to 100 run steps can be programmed.
(10)Record the curve of each cycle of each cylinder. When the test is stopped, you can view the curve of any cycle.
(11)The test curve data is recorded in the database, and when the program does not run the test, the display curve data can be called from the database.
(12)The computer software automatically controls the servo and the display observes all force and offset data.
(13)Multi-channel closed-loop control can be realized by special control software, and fully automatic control and automatic measurement of test can be completed.


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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

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Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

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We will offer plenty of technical support online, just like detailed technical and installation instructions. For example, when you meet a maintenance problem, we will make a video with completed and detailed operation process according to the problem, it just seems that I am on the spot by your side to instruct you how to deal with the problem.
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Packaging & Shipping
Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

1.Inside is covered with plastic film before we put them into the plywood, which has good transparency, impact resistance, tasteless and prevent moisture corrosion.
2.Outside is strong plywood and accord with export standards.
3.We can ship testing equipment according to customer request.

Mattress Rolling Comprehensive Testing Machine, 2KN, 2.2m*2.0m*0.4m Size

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