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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

Good quality Environmental Test Chamber for sales
Good quality Environmental Test Chamber for sales
A smart testing machine, easy for our funiture quality testing.


We are well satisfied for these Climatic chambers, a nice testing solution for our lab.

—— Garza·QC Manager

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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

China Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1% supplier

Large Image :  Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GAG
Certification: CE/ISO 9001
Model Number: GAG-E202

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotation
Packaging Details: Standard Export Wooden Case (Plywood)
Delivery Time: 15 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 15 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Setting Accuracy: Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1% Display Resolution: Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%
Sampling Time: 1 Time / S Dimension: 12 Squares / 6 Squares

Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

1. Product Introduction
This testing machine is mainly used for the adaptability test of electronics, electrical appliances, food, automobile, rubber, plastic, metal and other products, parts and materials in storage, transportation and use under high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity environment; Raw materials and components such as electricians, electrical appliances, plastics, etc. are tested for reliability against cold, heat, humidity, dryness and quality control.

3.Product features
(1) New perfect design, high quality appearance
(2) Balanced temperature and humidity control system (BTHC), the SSR is controlled by PID, so that the heating and humidifying amount of the system is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time;
(3) It adopts full capillary and automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, which is more stable and reliable than the expansion valve system, precise temperature and humidity control, fast, stable and uniform temperature rise and fall, saving valuable time for users.
(4) Display mode: Chinese and English touch / touch screen
(5) Test method: high and low temperature operation and storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test

4.Technical Parameters
4.1This equipment should meet the following standard requirements:

GB10589-89 Low temperature test chamber technical conditions
GB10592-89 High and low temperature test chamber technical conditions
GB10586-89 Damp heat test chamber technical conditions
GB11158-89 High temperature test chamber technical conditions
GB/T5170.2-1996 Basic parameters verification method for environmental testing equipment of electric and electronic products. Temperature test equipment.
GB/T5170.5-1996 Basic parameters verification method for environmental testing equipment of electric and electronic products. Damp heat test equipment.
GB2423.22-87 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test N: Test method for temperature change.
GB2423.1-89 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test A: Low temperature test method.
GB2423.2-89 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test B: High temperature test method.
GB2423.3-91 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test Ca: Constant Damp Heat Test Method.
GB2423.4-89 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test Db: Alternating Damp Heat Test.
GB2424.1-89 Basic environmental test procedures for electric and electronic products. Test Db: Guidelines for high and low temperature tests.

4.2 Equipment should have the following basic characteristics:
(1)The structural design of the test system should be advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
(2)The main functional components of the test box should be equipped with world famous brand configuration (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principle, and the best control of noise and energy saving.
The matching and assembly of parts and components are good. The main functional components should adopt original imported parts with international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of the equipment and ensures the long-term and high-frequency use requirements of users.
(4)The equipment should have good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, no pollution to the environment and endangering personal health.
(5)All the wires in the control cabinet should have the serial number and serial number printed by the special equipment. The line is clear and clear at a glance.

5.Main Specifications
(1)12 square indoor studio clearance dimensions:

6 square indoor studio clearance dimensions:

(2)12 square dimensions are approximately:
D2.55m*W3.75m *H2.35m
(D2.55m*W3.75m *H2.35m)

6 square dimensions are approximately:
D1.55m*W3.75m *H2.35m
(D1.55m*W3.75m *H2.35m)

(3)Defogging perspective window size: 2: width 350 × height 450
(4)Temperature range: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
(5)Temperature and humidity fluctuation: ≤±0.3°C; ±1.0%R.H. (at constant state)
(6)Temperature and humidity uniformity: ≤±1°C; ±3.0%R.H. (at constant state)
(7)Temperature and humidity analysis accuracy: 0.01 ° C; 0.1% RH.
(8)The rate of rise/fall is about 1-2°C/min; the temperature is 0.7-1°C/min (non-linear no-load)
(9)Humidity range: 30% R.H.~98% R.H. (See temperature and humidity control capability range)
(10)Cooling method: water-cooled / air-cooled
(11) Power: 380V ± 10%, 60 / 50HZ
(12)The total power of the machine: about 25KW. (12 parties) / 18KW (6 parties)
(13)The bottom is equipped with a reinforced steel structure bearing structure.

The technical data of the above equipment operation are 20±5°C at room temperature, relative humidity ≤85%R.H, and the ambient temperature is 10-30°C under the no-load nonlinear condition of the test box.

The performance measured after 60 minutes of stabilization without test load and without shelf.
The temperature rise and fall time refers to the performance measured by the water-cooled type at ambient temperature of +5 to 32 ° C and the cooling water temperature of +25ºC to 32ºC at no load.
The above data performance, measurement, and calculation methods are determined by the method of GB5170.2 and GB5170.5.

6.Air conditioning system
(1)Working principle: forced circulation internal circulation, balanced temperature regulation and humidity adjustment method:
That is, the central control system performs amplification, analog/digital conversion, nonlinear correction, and comparison with the set value (target value) of the temperature (wetness) according to the collected temperature (wet) signal inside the box, and the deviation is obtained. The signal is calculated by PID, and the output adjustment signal automatically controls the output power of the heater/humidifier, so that the heating (wet) and heat (wet) in the test chamber are lost to a dynamic balance, and finally reach the constant temperature (wet) purpose.
(2)Air circulation device: long shaft centrifugal fan, long shaft external motor drive;
(3)Air heating mode: Nichrome resistive electric heater with special spiral heat dissipation area; PID+SSR drive control;
(4)air cooling mode: high efficiency diaphragm air heat exchanger;
(5)air humidification: stainless steel steam humidification; equipped with pure water, connected to tap water can achieve automatic water supply.
(6)Dehumidification mode: Surface dehumidification of the cooling light pipe.

7.Refrigeration/dehumidification system
(1)Workmanship and low temperature process
The low temperature connecting pipeline adopts high quality oxygen-free copper pipe, nitrogen-filled welding and high pressure-preserving anti-leakage process to ensure the welding quality. The length, inclination, slope and direction of the pipeline must be strictly calculated to achieve the best cooling effect.
(2)The main refrigeration accessories
a. Refrigeration compressor: the original imported low-noise vortex multi-layer mechanical refrigeration system. This type of compressor should be able to achieve large cooling capacity, low noise, low energy consumption and high efficiency. This equipment uses the German blog refrigeration compressor unit and should be able to operate in a long-term, stable and reliable manner.
b. Refrigeration evaporator: The fin-type evaporator has a heat exchange efficiency of 30% higher than that of the general evaporator, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, and quick cooling.
c. Oil separator and refrigeration oil
Whether the refrigeration compressor has enough reasonable high-quality refrigerating machine oil will directly affect its life. If the refrigerating machine oil enters the refrigeration system, especially entering each heat exchanger, its performance will be greatly reduced. To this end, the system needs to be equipped with an oil separator, which uses the best performance of the imported oil separator and freezer, and its oil performance and viscosity are the most stable.
d. High efficiency condensing evaporator
Adopting the world's advanced brazed plate heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is composed of several pieces of corrosion-resistant stainless steel sheets which are pressed with adult-shaped corrugations. The adjacent pair of stainless steel sheets have opposite corrugations, and the corrugated back lines intersect each other. A large number of contact solder joints, due to the complex contact cross-network channel, cause turbulence on both sides of the fluid, which improves the heat exchange intensity, while the strong turbulence and smooth stainless steel surface make the inner surface of the brazed plate heat exchange flow path difficult to scale. After using this heat exchanger, not only the system resistance is also reduced, but also the shortcomings of large size, poor heat exchange and low efficiency of the domestic large-scale low-temperature test box can be overcome.
e.Cooling method: air-cooled / water-cooled
f. Refrigerant: R404A meets the requirements of international environmental protection conventions.

8.The box structure
(1) The parameters measured by the laboratory of the National Construction Committee of the Academy of Building Science are as follows:

parameter Thermal Conductivity Temperature coefficient Specific heat Compressive strength Bending strength Water absorption Self-extinguishing
data 0.0162 kcal /meter · hour · hour 0.000942 Square meter / hour 0.33 kcal /kg · degrees >2Kgf/cm2 >2.5Kgf/cm2 <3k/100cm2


7 second



(2)The observation room is tempered vacuum glass, and the room is equipped with moisture-proof lighting to provide illumination for observation. The door seal is double-layer silicone rubber seal.
(3) φ50 test hole 1 and equipped with stainless steel cover (Figure 3)
(4)The temperature sensor is placed at the air outlet.
(5)The walk-in high and low temperature damp heat test room is convenient for the sample to enter and exit the working room. The floor type cabinet structure is adopted: the working chamber is located at the left part, and the refrigeration unit cabinet is located at the right part of the studio. Due to the wide shape of the test box, Place the electrical control section in the refrigeration unit cabinet with the operator panel on the front of the refrigeration unit cabinet. The inner wall of the box is made of 1mmSUS304# stainless steel, and the casing and control box are painted steel. The insulation material is a hard flame retardant polyurethane foamed PU sandwich panel with a thickness of 100mm. The density of thermal insulation material PU is not less than 35kg/m³.
(6)Refrigeration unit cabinet: placed in the right part of the studio, the refrigeration compressor unit is installed on the unit frame in which it is installed, and the maintenance and repair door is specially set up. The refrigeration unit cabinet is composed of sound absorbing panels, and is internally equipped with a thickened honeycomb sound absorbing sponge and sound absorbing rubber and plastic to achieve maximum noise reduction.
(7)Box door: W800×H1800mm double-opening door, the door of the test box is sealed with silicone rubber strip, which is resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging and good sealing performance. Good thermal insulation structure, no internal and external thermal bridges, reduce energy consumption; with defogging perspective window; with test and test equipment transfer work platform, one person can complete the test object transfer into and out of the test room; have access to the feeder hole; with indoor explosion-proof lighting.
(8)Test hole: There is one Ф50mm stainless steel test hole on the left side of the box to provide test cable and power supply for the test piece, and equipped with special foam silicone rubber plug (with 2 special foam silicone rubber plugs).
(9)Case observation window: In order to facilitate the observation of the sample in the box, an observation window with a size of 300×450 mm is installed on the door, and the observation window material is a hollow resistance film composed of multi-layer tempered glass to heat the frost-proof glass.
(10)Lighting device: There are two 40W moisture-proof and explosion-proof lighting lamps in the test room, which can be manually switched on and off, avoiding the sample area in the middle of the box.
(11)The bottom of the box: the bottom of the studio is about 100mm from the ground; the bottom plate is moderately inclined, and there is an overflow hole at the lowest place, which can collect the condensed water in the box and then discharge it outside the box; The ribs have a bearing capacity of 500kg/m2, and the impact capacity of the wheel is ≤1 ton.

9.Control system
(1) The temperature and humidity are measured by high precision platinum resistance.
(2) Central controller: The TEMI880 temperature/humidity program control regulator with Chinese/English display is used, and the computer is prepared by the customer. The controller adopts LCD liquid crystal display touch screen, and the control system adopts man-machine dialogue mode; it has automatic, intelligent and humanized design. The control system adopts two-input and two-output control modes to control temperature and humidity respectively, and can display and set test parameters, program curves, working hours, heaters, refrigeration units, and fans. At the same time, it has automatic test program running and PID parameter self-tuning function; it can automatically combine subsystems such as heating system, humidification/dehumidification system, refrigeration system, circulation fan and over-temperature alarm to ensure high control quality of the entire temperature/humidity control system. The control system should also have self-test and self-diagnosis functions to automatically display faults and alarms.
(3) Main performance indicators of temperature/humidity program control regulator:

  • Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display, touch control. The Chinese/English interface is optional.
  • Display accuracy: temperature 0.01%, humidity; 0.1%
  • Setting accuracy: temperature 0.1 °C, humidity; 0.1%
  • Display resolution: temperature 0.1 ° C, humidity; 0.1%
  • Sampling time: 1 time / S;
  • Graphic display: complete display settings and program curves.
  • Program capacity: up to 120 program groups, 1200 blocks.
  • Temperature/humidity PV value retransmission: The meter has two 4~20mA analog outputs, which synchronously transmit the displayed values of temperature and humidity. With a variety of power failure recovery modes.
  • Control mode: fixed value control, program control.
  • The device has the year, month, day and time display, device running time and block running time display.

(4) The temperature and humidity program control regulator has standard RS232 or RS485 computer communication interface and special communication software. After connecting with the computer, it can be very convenient to realize the monitoring and management of the upper computer (computer and printer own).
(5) power control: the use of Japan "Omron" solid-state zero-crossing trigger power adjustment technology, control reliable, no noise, no grid pollution;
(6) the main electrical components: the use of Schneider circuit breakers, leakage protectors, AC contactors, thermal relay equipment;
(7) system operation mode: program operation mode, constant operation mode.

10.Humidification/water supply system
(1) The humidification/water supply system mainly consists of a built-in water tank, a water ball water tank, a solenoid valve, a humidifier, a water level controller, and a connecting hose.
(2) Humidification water processor (including RO pure water treatment device), automatic water inlet: three-stage soft water filter plus ion filter, the resistivity after tap water treatment is greater than 500Ωm. (It is essentially different from the general water purification filter. It is mainly divided into three levels of filtration, coarse, fine and fine. After three-stage filtration, it is deionized by RO membrane reverse osmosis. High purity deionized water is obtained. .
(3) Each stage of filtration facilitates cleaning and protects the next stage of filtration equipment, ensuring long-term filtration quality and extended service life. )
(4) water level controller: Taiwan "Fan Yi" liquid level float switch.
(5) Use stainless steel humidifier.
(6) Self-priming circulating pump.
(7) Solenoid valve: cooperate with the water level controller to realize the continuous supply of water in the storage tank.
(8) When the whole box is used or not working, no water accumulation or other undesirable phenomena are allowed; the inlet water of this laboratory is installed by adding filter water, and the filter is provided by the supplier.

11.Safety protection and electromagnetic compatibility requirements
(1) The test box should meet the national electrical safety standards, wiring specifications, and each wiring has a clear standard condition, no nakedness;
(2) the studio and the power supply are absolutely insulated, the resistance is greater than 2MΩ, no accumulation of static electricity;
(3) Perfect security protection function (see below);
a.Reliable grounding protection device;
b.Leakage/open circuit protection;
c.Heater short circuit protection;
d.Overload protection of the blower motor;
e. Studio over temperature sound and light alarm;
f. chiller overpressure protection;
g. chiller overload protection;
h.Water shortage protection;
i. Over temperature protection;
j. Electrical equipment complies with relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards.

12.Equipment use conditions
a. Voltage: Three-phase 380V±10%; Three-phase four-wire + grounding wire; equipment power: about 30KVA,
b. Ambient temperature: ±25°C±5°C;
c.Ambient humidity: < 85% R.H (25 ° C);
d. atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa;
e. Environmental conditions: There is no strong vibration around the equipment site, no strong electromagnetic field interference, no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances, no direct sunlight or other heat sources.
f. the equipment should be placed horizontally in a well-ventilated test room, there should be sufficient space around for operation and maintenance.
g. Humidification water: clean tap water, (purified water treated with pure water, resistivity ≥500Ω)

13.Quality Assurance System
a. Quality assurance system
Suppliers shall strictly follow the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and European CE Equipment Certification. Our company has obtained SGS certification and ISO9001 certification.
b. quality screening
The environmental laboratory shall strictly check the high temperature, low temperature, humidity and vibration of the components entering the plant on the equipment and facilities such as the special instrument aging table, the motor test bench, the mechanical vibration table and the environmental test room; in the production process For each process, self-inspection, mutual inspection and quality inspection shall be carried out before flowing into the next process; the equipment shall be inspected by intelligent temperature and humidity inspection (such as D6 and equipped with special high-precision test platinum resistance, Conduct strict factory inspections.

14.Energy saving and noise reduction
(1) Energy saving control
a. The equipment should adopt a centrifugal air circulation system. The centrifugal fan generates a large amount of wind pressure and air volume, and the heat transfer efficiency is high.
b. The high and low temperature test equipment produced by the general manufacturer only uses simple cold and heat to suppress the large cooling and large heating at low temperature and constant temperature, which makes the user running the equipment very uneconomical. A new refrigeration energy regulation technology should be adopted, that is, the central controller automatically adjusts the refrigeration system to generate economic energy according to different temperature points, that is, the economic energy resists economic heat, so that the equipment operation is always in a relatively low power consumption state.
(2) Reliable noise reduction measures (controlled at around 68 decibels), the national standard specifies less than 75 decibels.
a. Adopting French Taikang low noise refrigeration compressor
b. The low temperature pipeline is equipped with a shock absorbing process pipe to reduce the noise caused by the compressor working.
c. The low temperature system is equipped with an imported muffler to effectively reduce the noise caused by the flow of high pressure refrigerant and the friction of the pipeline.
d. The refrigeration unit cabinet is composed of sound absorbing steel plates;
e. The inner edge of the refrigeration cabinet is equipped with a honeycomb sound-absorbing sponge and sound-insulating rubber to ensure maximum noise reduction.

15.Equipped with technical data and accessories
a. Technical data: equipment maintenance manual, warranty card, instrument manual; PC communication software CD;
b. Provide "List of equipment and quotations for major parts and components".

16.After-sales technical service
a. Subject to the precautions, installation and use rules of the equipment, the equipment will be free of charge within 36 months from the date of shipment due to the quality of the equipment itself, and will be responsible for the lifetime maintenance service.
b. If the equipment has quality problems, it will be answered within 60 minutes after receiving the repair call (or fax). If the problem cannot be solved in the phone, the supplier's professional maintenance personnel will come to the door within two working days.
c. During the warranty period, the supplier shall provide free maintenance to the equipment every 6 months; it shall be responsible for maintenance throughout the life.
d. The supplier shall provide the equipment use, maintenance consultation and technical consultation service free of charge for the user for a long time; outside the warranty period, the spare parts shall be provided for a long time, and the charging standard shall be reasonable; the repair fee shall be charged only according to the cost price of the accessory.
e. There is a special training department, which provides professional technical training for technicians, sales personnel and customer users from time to time, so that it can eliminate equipment failures for users in the shortest time and ensure the smooth progress of users' work.
f. When the compressor fails to be used within one year, it will be replaced unconditionally.

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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%
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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%
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Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%
Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

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Packaging & Shipping
Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

1.Inside is covered with plastic film before we put them into the plywood, which has good transparency, impact resistance, tasteless and prevent moisture corrosion.
2.Outside is strong plywood and accord with export standards.
3.We can ship testing equipment according to customer request.

Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Room (12 squares / 6 squares) GAG-E202 Temperature 0.1 Celsius, Humidity; 0.1%

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